CVICU’s Post-Op TOP 10 List

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A Cheat sheet for immediate post-op recovery

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10. If the patient’s BP & urine output are down, check ABG for metabolic  acidosis.

9. Do not give diuretics immediately post-op.

8. If your patient’s HR is down and BP and/or C.O. is down, turn on the pacemaker. If not capturing, reverse the wires.

7. If your patient is bleeding, think about increasing Peep, if your BP and C.O. can tolerate it.

6. If your patient is hypotensive, look at the temperature. If elevated, take off the blankets.

5. Turn off the temporary pacemaker before doing an EKG.

4. If your PA diastolic is less than your CVP, the Swan is in the wrong place. Look at your x-ray and have a senior nurse adjust.

3. If the patient is bleeding, warm them up.

2. Do not even think about weaning if your patient is bleeding.

1. Do not give Lopressor with a marginal Cardiac Index.

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