A Psychological Thriller by Margie Miklas

A Book Excellence Award Finalist​

​BookLife Prize Winner

Allison Jamison abandoned a lucrative real estate career to become a nurse and be able to impact others’ lives during their most vulnerable times. When she accepts a job in a critical care unit at a prominent Florida hospital, corruptive practices threaten to shatter her illusions. An element of evil lurks just beneath the surface and around corners in a place typically known for saving lives.

The murder of a popular surgeon, a fatal mistake in a critical care unit, and anonymous threats challenge Allison’s idealistic ambitions. She finds herself caught up in a healthcare system that prioritizes profit over ethics and patient safety.

Stifled by hospital politics, she must find a way to expose the wrongdoers, even if it means risking her job and maybe even her life.

About the Author:  Margie Miklas

An award-winning author, Margie Miklas is a recently retired critical care nurse, social media manager, and travel blogger.

As a career critical care nurse with a specialty in cardiovascular nursing, Margie has experienced a wide range of changes in the world of healthcare. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling to Italy, spending time with her family, and relaxing at the beach. She makes her home in Florida and is a member of the Florida Writers Association.

What readers are saying...

  • “Frighteningly realistic storyline which made me wonder how much corruption and cover-up really exist inside hospitals today.”
  • “Loved the storyline, and how the author weaved in details of the inner workings of the hospital to make it even more engaging.”
  • “I liked how the critical cover-up was two-fold, involving actual crimes as well as unethical practices inside the hospital.”
  • “I could definitely identify with the characters and some even seemed familiar to me as an ICU RN. Clearly the author has a grasp of what really goes on inside a critical care unit.”
  • “I love the title. The first page definitely got my attention!
​​+ "This book will keep you riveted.  A mystery and a thriller. The author was a critical care nurse and knows the background of her business and skillfully transfers that to the pages of her novel. Buy this book, wait for the sequel and look for it on the screen."
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Critical Cover-Up